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Selecting CeilingConnex

Can CeilingConnex Grid be used as a suspended ceiling?

CeilingConnex is a direct-mounted grid system. The Grid is not suspended by wires, but instead fastened directly to the ceiling joists or existing ceiling.

Can CeilingConnex Mission Ceiling Tiles be used in a suspended ceiling?

Yes - The CeilingConnex Mission Ceiling Tiles are a direct replacement for any standard 2' x 2' ceiling tile.

What is the cost of the CeilingConnex system?

The CeilingConnex grid system starts out at $.72 sq.ft. and can go up depending on the room configuration. Most room configurations are under $1 per sqft. CeilingConnex Ceiling Tiles are $2.13 a sq.ft.

How much is shipping and how is it shipped?

Grid Samples are shipped free via USPS. The rest of CeilingConnex products are shipped UPS Ground. CeilingConnex standard shipping is $20 for upto $400. For orders over $400, we include FREE SHIPPING. At this time we do not offer rushed shipping. Due to the package size the costs become astronomical. Because of our Centralized location in the U.S., shipping takes less than a week to all locations in the lower 48. Bulk orders maybe shipped LTL freight with permission from the customer.

Do all ceiling tiles work with CeilingConnex Grid System?

All standard 2 x 2 and 2 x 4 with a maximum thickness of 3/4" will work with the CeilingConnex Grid.

With 1 lbs./sq.ft. max weight capacity - CeilingConnex is not designed to support sheetrock or other high-density materials.

Do you offer Ceiling Tiles?

YES - we have offer the CeilingConnex Mission Ceiling Tile in white and black. The unique design of this tile allows it to be used as a border tile, coffer tile or revealed edge tile.

Installing CeilingConnex

How do you install the CeilingConnex Grid?

The CeilingConnex Grid mounts using 7/32" -1/4" staples or drywall screws directly to an existing ceiling or to the ceiling joists 16" to 24" on center alternating sides of the Main Runner.

How do you cut the CeilingConnex Grid?

We recommend a razor blade style anvil cutter. Ronan MultiCut model #501 is our favorite. You can also use a power miter saw with a fine blade. A typical ripsaw blade can cause cracking. Click Here for Ronan MultiCut

How do you cut the CeilingConnex Mission Ceiling Tiles?

We recommend a heavy duty pair of scissors or utility shears. However, standard scissors or a utility knife can also work.

Can you use "can" lights with this system?

You can use recessed can lighting with our system. However, fluorescent 2' x 4' troffer lights will not work due to the thickness of the light.

How should I mount a ceiling fan?

We recommend using an electrical box designed for ceiling fan applications attached direct to the joists or cross support. Use the electrical box to support the ceiling fan as it is designed. Cut your ceiling tile to fit around the electrical box.

Should I install all the lower support Ts into the main runners before starting to install the ceiling tiles?

We like snapping in two or three Lower support "Ts" to start and then sliding the tiles and cross Ts into place. This makes it more friendly for a one-person installation.

If the grids are 8' long and you need more than one grid per run, should you cut grids so they meet on a joist and are both attached to a joist?

The main runners do not need to end at a joist. Use a section of a lower support T and snap it into the two mains when fasteneing to keep everything lined up.

It says to mount the wall L-brackets 3/4" to 1" down from the ceiling. Is there a reason to use one dimension vs. another?

Ceiling Joists are not always level. We recommend fastening the wall L level around the room. The distance down from the joists may very a little as long as everything is level.

Maintaining CeilingConnex

How do I clean CeilingConnex?

Use a mild cleaning detergent and water. Clean with a soft rag to avoid scratching the tiles.

What is the best way to remove a tile if you ever have to for access the area above the ceiling?

It depends on the kind of tiles you purchase. For PVC tile, such as the Mission Ceiling Tile, we would recommend pulling out the cross T and then removing the tile. The tiles can flex enough to pop out. Removing the lower support T is not required for PVC Tiles. For Traditional Ceiling tiles, rock the lower support T at the end of the 8ft piece while pulling down. It may take rocking it back and forth a couple times. Once started it will peel out fairly easy, but be careful so you don't pull to fast, which will cause all the tiles to fall out.

Does CeilingConnex yellow with age?

CeilingConnex doesn't yellow with age or exposure to UV. It is made using the same high-quality PVC that is used in most exterior windows. We back that up with our industry exclusive lifetime warranty.