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Ceiling Grid Instructions

Tools needed for installing ceiling tiles:

Installing ceiling grid tools
  • #2 Phillips Bit
  • Power Drill
  • Tape Measure
  • Chaulk Line
  • 1" Drywall Screws or 7/32 - 1/4" finish staples and gun
  • Razor Anvil Cutter
Anvil Style Cutter
NOTE: When cutting the CeilingConnex Material, use either a sharp razor blade, Anvil Style Cutter or miter saw with a fine blade. Ripsaw blade is not acceptable.
Mount Wall "L" Bracket Level 3/4" to 1" from the bottom of the Ceiling Joints.

CeilingConnex Grid System

Mount Wall
Edge trim for tiles that are not full size. Trim tile to fit.
Wall Bracket
Fasten every 16" - 24". The corners can either be mitered to 45˚ or butt jointed.
Butt Joint and Mitered 45 inch

Layout Room Optimal layout will provide equal sized boarder tiles on opposite walls. You can either have a full tile centered about the room or a room centered on the grid.

Which option you choose depends on lighting locations, room dimensions to maximize border tile size or personal preference.

Full Tile Centered and Grid Centered

Hang Main Runners perpendicular to ceiling joists or if surface mounted perpendicular to the rooms longest dimension.

Tile Centered Layout

Measure and mark 11.5" in each direction from centerline, this will be the inside dimension of your first two rows of Main Runners. Measure and mark every 24" till you have laid out the room.

Centered Main Runner

Grid Centered Layout

Center the first main runner on the center line of the room. Measure and mark every 24" till you have laid out the room.

Mark remaining measurements using a chalk line.

Centered Main Runner
NOTE: The 24" is from left edge to left edge or right edge to right edge - Not Left Edge to Right Edge.

Fastening Main Runners can be done with either a 1" sheetrock screw or for quicker installation an air stapler is sufficient.

Do not over tighten screws / staples as it can deform the plastic.

Fastening Main Runner
Fasten Main Runner every 16" - 24" on opposite sides to provide proper support for the tiles.
Fastening Main Runner
Once Main Runners have been installed, snap in a pair of Lower Support T's. YOU MUST OVERLAP SEAMS.
Main Runner Lower Support
Cut Cross Tees to 23 3/4" utilizing Lower Support T's.
Cut Cross Tee
Slide in Tile, a Cross Tee and another Tile into the pair of tracks as shown. Repeat till room is complete.


**Every room is different - use this instruction manual as a guide but changes and modifications may be required depending on your room and selected ceiling tile.**

If you have questions or concerns, please email us at info@ceilingconnex.com