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Knocking Down a Barn vs. Restoring the Building

Posted by Kif Richmann on

One of the top products for CeilingConnex is our innovative and interesting Barn Tin Ceiling Tiles. These tiles, which are made out of repurposed wall panels from old barns, give stores and home a rustic, old-fashioned appearance.

In most cases, these panels come from barns that are either being knocked down or restored. Because we always need a fresh supply of material, we are constantly on the watch for barns that are being reworked.

If you have a old barn on your property, you may have considered either demolishing it down or completely restoring it. We’d like to help you make the right decision by showing you the advantages of either option.

When you do make a decision, we hope you’ll contact CeilingConnex and let us repurpose the panel. Whether you are restoring the barn or tearing it down and staring fresh, we can make sure the metal panels are kept out of the landfill.

Barn Demolition or Restoration: Which is Right for You?

Advantages of Knocking Down the Barn

First, we’ll start with the reasons for completely knocking down the barn. In most cases, you won’t tear down the barn unless the structure itself is fundamentally flawed. For example, if the beams, foundation, and framing is so badly worn that just being inside the barn is a potential hazard, you obviously want to knock it down.

Also, if your old barn no longer serves a purpose, you may want to have it removed. Many modern farm operations no longer need the traditional barns, but instead use large machine sheds. You may benefit from simply tearing down the barn if you use large combines, sprayers, and other industrial farm equipment.

Advantages of Restoring the Barn

In many cases, simply restoring the barn can be more affordable than completely knocking it down and building a new structure. While each situation is different, you may find that simply restoring the barn costs a fraction of the price compared to knocking it down and having a new structure built.

Typically, we find barns need restoration, but not demolition, because the tin on the roof has started to leak. This usually occurs around the fasteners and can lead to water inside the barn, which is bad for both animals and equipment. Also, if the tin is in very poor condition, it may be time to simply replace the panels with new material. There are many modern options for new paneling that provide structural protection and rust resistance.

No matter which you choose, CeilingConnex can help remove the existing tin panels from your barn. We’ll take the material and turn it into usable ceiling tiles, helping keep trash out of the landfill while giving stores and homes a unique, decorative ceiling or wall tile.

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